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Personal Training Options

Welcome to my personal training page

So we have several options to choose from with personal training.  Online with the convenience of being in your own home, outdoors, or in my own studio in the bottom of my garden.  Whichever way you decide, you will get a bespoke workout plan totally suited to your own needs.

I come from a Pilates background and am qualified in training people with orthopaedic conditions, so if you have any joint issues, I may be able to help.

Earlier this year I also took a Level 4 Diploma in working with clients with diabetes and obesity.  So if you have either of these conditions, I am qualified to assist.

Here is my price list.  If you would like me to travel to you, I will travel to the Farnbrough Area.  This will be another £10 per session to cover travel costs.


1 session PT  £40
4 sessions of PT £150
6 sessions of PT £195
8 sessions of PT £230

Outdoor Fitness

Train in the great outdoors with a bootcamp style workout.  We would meet up in a suitable location

299855812_1611834079213996_3309772712274894494_n (1).jpg

Online training via Zoom

Train online in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.  We can use body weight exercises, or any equipment that you have at home.  A very time effective way to work out.  Please check out my Online Shop page for the latest Zoom offers and prices

Online Fitness Class

In my Studio at my home

Exercise in the quiet privacy of my home studio.  All the equipment you need for a really safe and effective workout 

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