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  • How Safe Is Online Exercise?
    Your safety is my priority. Please take each exercise at a level that suits you. If you find something too much, or feel uncomfortable with a particular move, please adapt that exercise or move onto another one. Please do not exercise if you feel ill or are injured
  • How Will I Receive My Video Clips?
    All my video clips are saved to Youtube. You will receive a link to the video by email. This can be done by Facebook if you prefer
  • When Will I Receive My Videos?
    Your video clips will be sent Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning
  • What Payment Methods Do You Take?
    A regular monthly payment can be set up online. This will be via a direct debit. You can cancel at anytime by using the contact form on this site
  • How do I book a Zoom Class
    All Zoom classes can be booked on the 'Jenny's Keep Fit' link next to the time table
  • Can I cancel a Zoom class?
    Absolutely. You can cancel up to one hour before the class. If you have to cancel at short notice, just let me know as soon as you can. We can usually arrange for you to have another class instead
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